I love photographing weddings, I find joy in capturing the memories for you that will help you always remember magical day that it was. I've photographed weddings in Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and in the amazing Canadian Rockies. I'm always down for traveling to where ever it is you choose to celebrate your love with each other.

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I know everyone loves a good portrait of themselves, don't deny it!

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Families are constantly growing and changing, let's capture those moments you want to remember before they pass right by. I'll make sure you have beautiful memories of all the stages of life you go through.

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I love watching couples interact for photos. You get to see them for how they truly are, the love and chemistry created between them. I'll have you dancing in the forest, sharing sweet kisses in the meadows, or skipping your way through downtown. Let me capture your love!

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Themed photoshoots are my happy place. Planning out and capturing creative ideas fuels my artistic heart. I also adore boudoir sessions, for your significant other OR to remind yourself of the bad ass that you are. And of course, I'm an earthy girl... I love a good nature shot. I'm also ALWAYS available to photograph your animals, ALWAYS.

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